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It’s All About the Candidate Experience

The last two weeks have been all about the candidate experience for me. On Friday, September 19th, I had the pleasure of attending the first-ever Candidate Experience Symposium, organized by the Talent Board, with sponsors from the talent acquisition solution provider industry. They announced the 62 US winners of the North American Candidate Experience Awards (or CandEs)—for the full listing, see this link. And a special congratulations to those twelve organizations that won with distinction, designated by an asterisk. During the symposium, we heard from many of the winners and here were some of the ways their candidate experiences stood out: Declining all […]

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Candidate Experience – Serious business for us at Intel!

By pmcknight on September 29, 2014 Last week Intel was awarded a 2014 Candidate Experience (CandE) Award from the Talent Board. Winning this award is one of our proudest accomplishments. You may wonder why so much emphasis would be put on this particular award – Intel has been awarded other, very prestigious employer awards, including Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. While these awards make us pretty proud too, the Cande Award is a serious matter for us, as it connects directly to one of our key objectives. We believe that a great candidate experience means we are able to […]

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Coming Up Winners In Chicago

Article by Jed Hamilton We’re just back from an awesome week in Chicago for the 2014 Fall ERE Recruiting Conference. As always, the show delivered on several levels – great content, stellar attendees and a whole lot of fun. We had a chance to catch up with many of our peers and customers and got to hear from some of the best and brightest thought leaders and practitioners in corporate recruiting today, including John Leech from Comcast, who are proud to count as a customer and partner. Adding to the excitement of this year’s show was the Talent Board announcing the winners of the […]

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Putting the Candidate First: MHFI wins Candidate Experience Award

Article by Adam Eisenstein on  The Candidate Experience Awards, a non-profit organization focused on advancing the employment candidate experience, recently awarded McGraw Hill Financial a UK Candidate Experience Award (CandE Award) for upholding a high standard in how we engage and treat job candidates… Read full article here…

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Fourth Annual North American Candidate Experience Awards Now Open

Talent Board Announces Registration for 2014 Employer Survey; This Year’s Program Set to Identify Best Practices in Candidate Experience

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CandE Awards Data Helps Corporations Find the Hard-to-Find Talent

Article by Beth Ellyn Rosenthal on Even though unemployment in the US is stubbornly high, enterprises still moan they have trouble finding the right talent. These people are so much in demand they “are exhausted by all the options and are starting to modify or delete their online profiles so they won’t be inundated with more requests,” reports Elaine Orler, chairman and co-founder of the Talent Board,

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How Keeping Open and Transparent Communication Led to PepsiCo, Inc. Winning a Candidate Experience Award

Article by William Frierson on How important is feedback to your company as it relates to the candidate experience?  While your audience may not always say what you want to hear, it can give you food for thought.  As a result, a better recruitment process can be delivered, along with an experience that applicants will appreciate. PepsiCo, Inc. is a leading global food and beverage company whose mission is to be the world’s premier consumer products company, focused on convenient foods and beverages globally.  Employing nearly 300,000 employees worldwide, PepsiCo is proud to have products available in more than 200 countries and […]

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Is It Finally Time for Corporations to Provide Applicants With Feedback?

Article by Dr. Sullivan on One of the most powerful unanswered questions in recruiting is “Why are ‘not hired’ applicants and rejected candidates not provided with feedback?” Providing individual feedback in recruiting is almost nonexistent, even though giving feedback is a widely accepted practice in business. Firms take pride in providing feedback to their customers, vendors, and even their employees, but there is no formal process in most corporations for providing direct feedback to applicants/candidates covering why they were rejected or what they could do to improve their chances if they later applied for another position. Read full article […]

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Mobile Candidate Experience: Career Site, Engagement, Apply

Article by Christopher Brablc on SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Technology Blog When you look to improve the candidate experience it’s important to focus on not only all the stages where you are interacting with candidates but also the devices that candidates are using to make those interactions. And no device category has been as disruptive as mobile has and will continue to be. Mobile devices offer organizations a new way to engage with candidates. One that allows for a quicker response but also a number of different challenges. Let’s take a look at a few of the more common places that mobile touches the […]

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Talent Board Announces Randstad Sourceright as Gold Sponsor of Candidate Experience Awards

Global Talent Leader to Support North American Candidate Experience Awards for Second Year  SAN FRANCISCO (July 1, 2013) – TheTalent Board, a non-profit organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience, today announced that Randstad Sourceright, a global talent leader, will support the Candidate Experience Awards (CandE Awards) as a Gold Sponsor for the second consecutive year. “Organizations that provide a transparent and rewarding candidate experience have a critical differentiator and will be more successful in attracting, hiring and retaining high-performing talent,” said Rebecca Callahan, Randstad Sourceright’s president of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). “Randstad Sourceright strives to […]